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Whatever your investment goals we are here to meet them

At Aim Independent we offer a number of investments designed to meet a wide range of goals. After all, everybody is different. Some people are naturally conservative whilst others are happy to take a more adventurous approach to investing. It’s about finding the right balance.

The big questions to get you started

Nearly all investments start with a consultation process and during that meeting you will be answering a number of questions about your aims and goals.It will be possible to break these down in to  what we call the Big three.

What are your investment goals?

Simply put, what are you investing for?

How long do you want to invest for?

Are you saving short to medium term or longer say for retirement? If so how do you want to spend your retirement? The more information we have the more we can help.

What’s your attitude towards risk?

Only once we understand the answers to these questions can we start to develop a financial plan for you. Why not take our Risk Assessment test to see how risk averse or happy you are?

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But what can Aim Independent do for you?

  • we work with you to understand your goals
  • we work out your attitude towards risk and return
  • we help you select the right products and services
  • we help you to work out how much to invest and for how long
  • we make it easy for you to make an informed choice
  • we put you at the heart of the process

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